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Sindhu Chodhry

Sindhu Chodhry

About Sindhu

“Inhale the future and exhale the past”, the simple life mantra that Sindhu Chodhry follows each day. She is a yoga practitioner for over 5 years and has professional teaching experience of more than 1 year. Sindhu Chodhry pursued her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Yoga Science from the University of Patanjali, Haridwar, India. Sindhu Chodhry believes that “ Health is wealth” and wants to help her students become both mentally and physically healthy. She is an expert of Ashtanga-inspired yoga flows and aims to help people with health goals like de-stress, weight loss, posture correction and flexibility.

Apart from individual specialities, Sindhu Chodhry is proficient in SARVA's 25 forms of yoga and has completed a detailed 200-hour practical training from SARVA that includes the classical styles of yoga, yoga with different props, and many more.