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  • Regularise your menstrual cycles.
  • Control abnormal weight gain, acne.
  • Control high BP and cholesterol levels.
  • Aid recovery from Anxiety, Depression, emotional outbursts.
  • Get community support.

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Does research prove that Yoga can help cure PCOS?

Yes and No. Yoga helps prevent, mitigate and reduce the symptoms of PCOS.

Yoga reduces Cortisol (stress hormone), regulates testosterone, estrogen and progesterone (hormones produced by the ovaries) which regulates PCOS

90% women reported better hormonal balance after the PCOS programme with us (Actual poll results)

Asana practice and meditation has proven to be beneficial in changing ovarian morphology.

Common myths around PCOS and health

PCOS and gut health are not related.

They are. Imbalance of the gut microbes (Dysbiosis) can trigger the development of PCOS in healthy bodies

PCOS is only genetically transferred

PCOS may have a family history, but it has more to do with your lifestyle as well.

Obesity is only related to PCOS

Every body reacts differently, what may be considered a symptom/side effect of hormonal imbalance may actually be poor eating habits.

PCOD and PCOS are the same thing.

They are similar, but not the same thing. PCOD causes lesser damage to the body than PCOS.

PCOS is disconnected from stress and sleep

Hormonal imbalance leads to poor sleep quality, which in turn affects productivity and work efficiency.

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How women across 97 countries benefitted from Yoga Training with us*

*(Actual results from users)

Improved circulation

Less severe symptoms

Regulated fertility cycle

Improved skin and hair quality

Weight management

Metabolic boost


Only from the top 5 Indian yoga training institutes.

Trained in Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world, well versed in Yoga sutras yet modern in their approach, educated for the evolved human anatomy, and the spiritual workings of the mind. Our instructors bring a collective experience of over 100 years into a seamless fitness ecosystem for all.

Jahnavi Patwardhan

Jahnavi Patwardhan

Our weight loss expert, teaches traditional high intensity classes.

Basavaraj Saunshi

Basavaraj Saunshi

Certified Ashtanga practitioner, teaches full body toning in power-packed sessions.

Basavaraj Gollar

Basavaraj Gollar

Certified yoga therapist, award winning yogi with 10,000+ students.

Shraddha Iyer

Shraddha Iyer

Certified sound healer, teaches high-intensity flows and mindfulness.


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From incorporating mindfulness in the classroom to having virtual yoga practice with friends around the world, tune in to see how our community uses SARVA.


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Definitely, asanas regularise the blood supply and, at the same time, relieve congestion in the organ. Thus, with constant practice and few changes in the diet and lifestyle, one can easily manage PCOS with yoga.

Regular practice of asanas like Baddha Konasana and Supta Baddha Konasana ensures effective results for managing PCOS.

By practising daily yoga and practicing twisting asanas that squeeze the ovaries and uterus daily, thus keeping a check on the hyperfunctioning nature.

Yoga for PCOS should only be practiced under the guidance of a certified Yoga therapist. Yoga for PCOS regularises the overstimulated ovaries as the nervous system and glandular systems are quietened.

Anyone who is struggling with hormonal imbalance can practice this yoga flow.

Those who have undergone recent surgeries, or have any open wounds should avoid practicing yoga. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before starting this practice.