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“What can a yoga coach possibly help me with?” We just read your mind, our program will help you:

  • Restore physical strength & sleep cycle.
  • 3x WFH productivity.
  • Boost your immunity & endurance.
  • Achieve 2x flexibility.

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830,000+ happy yogis

Not sure why you want to do Yoga ?

About 13% of the adult population has weak muscles . Yoga helps build this.

Around 40% of the global sedentary population has a severely low lung capacities. Yoga helps improve that.

Nearly 3% of adults have a weak immune system. Yoga helps boost immunity.

1 in 5 people live with mental illness, with little or no knowledge of how to deal with it. Meditation helps with recovery.

Top 6 positive changes YOU can expect with Yoga

Regain strength

Boost immunity

WFH productivity

Mindful sleep patterns

Better heart endurance

Increase flexibility

Comprehensive yogic workout for overall fitness

SARVA means "ALL" and we believe in touching all aspects of your life. With mindfully planned sessions that have equal emphasis on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, we ensure you have a life changing experience with us.

MOVE : Never repeat a Yoga form

"Daily practice" doesn't mean the same workout everyday. With SARVA’s 25 unique yoga forms, you'll never have to repeat a workout in a month.


Breathwork helps control the movement of life force through your body. The instructors teach this in every class. Learn Pranayama techniques to energise your body and destress your mind everyday.


The body and the mind may seem like two independent parts of you, but thats not true. Mindfulness can help in aspects of relaxation, detoxification, digestion and focusing internally as well. Mindfulness also allows you to eat carefully, manage cravings, and nourish your body with the right nutrients.

Are you someone who says “I’m not a Yoga person” ?

Are you someone who says “I’m not a Yoga person” ?

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are wide-ranging, spread across body, mind, nourishment and spirit.

Did you know ? Yoga can serve perfectly as:

  • A power packed cardio session.
  • A replacement for functional training.
  • A weight training warm up.
  • A pre or post dance stretch out.
  • A pre game endurance builder.
  • A pre-match focus enhancer.
  • A pre-competition confidence booster.
  • A pre- concert co-ordination enhancer.
  • A rehabilitation for injuries.
  • A post aerobic cool down.
  • A breathe control practice for swimmers.

Yoga is not just about asana practice. It has more benefits to offer, such as:

  • Balance Insulin and control Diabetes.
  • Control abnormal weight gain, acne, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Regularise your hormonal health.
  • Aid recovery from Anxiety, Depression, emotional outbursts and get community support.

Share it with someone who might be unsure about their goals, but want to achieve a happy and healthy body, mind and soul.


Only from the top 5 Indian yoga training institutes.

Trained in Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world, well versed in Yoga sutras yet modern in their approach, educated for the evolved human anatomy, and the spiritual workings of the mind. Our instructors bring a collective experience of over 100 years into a seamless fitness ecosystem for all.

Jahnavi Patwardhan

Jahnavi Patwardhan

Our weight loss expert, teaches traditional high intensity classes.

Basavaraj Saunshi

Basavaraj Saunshi

Certified Ashtanga practitioner, teaches full body toning in power-packed sessions.

Basavaraj Gollar

Basavaraj Gollar

Certified yoga therapist, award winning yogi with 10,000+ students.

Shraddha Iyer

Shraddha Iyer

Certified sound healer, teaches high-intensity flows and mindfulness.


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  • Start your journey with SARVA

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Stories from our community

From incorporating mindfulness in the classroom to having virtual yoga practice with friends around the world, tune in to see how our community uses SARVA.

Rekha Bijlani

Vaishali Joshi

Dipti Shringarpure


Yoga is a package of health benefits. Along with maintaining a healthy posture, increasing metabolism, decreasing fatigue, resting heart rates and stress levels, it is also effective in boosting stamina physically, psychologically and mentally. Power yoga and ashtanga yoga are the forms that can be practised to build up muscle strength and body stamina.

Active and dynamic forms of yoga like, ashtanga yoga and power yoga are the best forms for building strength. Warrior sequence is really good when it comes to strength training. Not just the physical strength but mental and emotional strength too. Some poses like chair pose, side plank, locust pose, crescent moon are really good to build up strength in the body.

Yoga works on the aspects of the body, mind and breath for overall well-being. Physical postures connected with correct breathing techniques help to boost energy and stamina. Some postures like boat pose, bridge pose, lotus pose, camel pose are great energy and stamina boosting poses.

Regular yoga practice is an excellent way to build muscles. Yoga entails strength training which contributes to muscle growth, stretching between active muscle contractions increases muscle growth. Surya Namaskar is good for muscle building and postures like high plank, side plank, mayurasana, warrior sequence are good for muscle gain.

Yes, yoga will help you gain weight if your weight is less than the ideal weight of your body height. Yoga brings your metabolism to its accurate state. Hence, bringing your body weight to an accurate scale. Vinyasa power yoga is helpful to gain weight as this practice helps you to breathe and move from your core.