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Lose up to 4 pounds (2 kilos) in a week.

We’re busting the myth that Yoga takes time to show results. We could tell you the story of our members who experienced change after 45 minutes of their first session.

Or, you can experience it YOURSELF.

Workout with the top yoga coaches from Rishikesh, India

We provide solutions that are hyper-personalized to you

A transformative feeling that will make you go “WOW”

Take a trial at your convenience

Why you should join SARVA?

We understand that you have tried and are tired of not getting significant and sustainable results. Which is why SARVA offers:

Guaranteed results

Your goals = our goals. Your personal coach will become 100% accountable for not just making you achieve your goals but for ensuring the complete transformation.

Constant expert support

Over phone, text or LIVE with video, our expert nutritionist and yoga coaches will be available on request in different time zones, so reach out to them for immediate counseling.

Complimentary 7-day diet plan

What’s weight loss without proper nutrition guidance? Which is why we offer a 7 day diet plan worth 50$ for ALL our users to get a glimpse of what the journey with SARVA looks like.

Money back promise

“We failed” is something you’ll never hear from us. But in case you no longer feel satisfied with the results we’ll return the full amount of unused sessions. No questions asked.

SARVA’s One Class promise, just 45 mins.

We took "what difference can one session make" a bit too seriously. Here are a few of the many things you will experience within 24 hours of completing a session.

5 mins

3 times more likely to reach your goal

10 mins

Substantial pain reduction

60 mins

That post workout glow

120 mins

Blood pressure normalises

840 mins

Keep burning calories until 14 hrs after. This is called the afterburn effect

24 hrs

The heavier you are, the more afterburn

480 mins

More open lungs allow better sleep

1440 mins

Feel energetic throughout the day

1440 mins

Better oxygen levels for 24 hours

Start SARVA risk-free

We’re so confident, we’re giving away the first class at ROCK BOTTOM prices.

Start SARVA risk-free

How do we ensure your weight loss journey won’t fail?

We avoid the following common mistakes. Trust us, 100,000 yogis have.

Personalized workout plans or diets

With weight loss, one size fits none. What works for someone else will not work for you. Our personalized onboarding allows us to give you the plan that works best for YOU.

Moderation over “All or nothing” mindset

Loss of motivation = inconsistent workouts and these negative experiences lead to breaks in progress. Our weekly tracking system focusses on all progress factors which will keep you going until you reach your goal.

Training with ‘fitness enthusiasts’

We’ve all been there. Self training with generic videos or training with inexperienced trainers. While training with amateurs, you risk everything. We only give you those instructors who we have trained personally.

Negative mindset from past failures’

We know you tried, and you’re tired. We know what this means to you. We know you think it’s too tough and that we don’t know your challenges. We will never give you a plan that you can’t follow, getting you to your goal is now our goal. SARVA is your safe space.

Focussing on holistic betterment

Our Move Breathe Connect philosophy helps you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will feel lighter in more ways than one.

Who is this program for?

Unable to lose weight due to hormonal issues?

Unable to lose weight due to hormonal issues?

Accumulated visceral fat due to sedentary lifestyle.

Accumulated visceral fat due to sedentary lifestyle.

Want to regularize your weight and achieve inch loss?

Want to regularize your weight and achieve inch loss?

Have limited time on your hands.

Have limited time on your hands.

Work with yoga coaches from India

Trained in Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world, well versed in Yoga sutras yet modern in their approach, educated for the evolved human anatomy, and the spiritual workings of the mind. Our yoga coaches bring a collective experience of over 100 years into a seamless fitness ecosystem for all.

Janhavi Patwardhan

Janhavi Patwardhan

Basava Saunshi

Basava Saunshi

Shraddha Iyer

Shraddha Iyer

Basavaraj Gollar

Basavaraj Gollar

Hear it from our diverse community of yogis

Spandana Otti

Paridhi Bumb

Roselyn Meyers