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7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Sumaiya Hamid
December 20, 2021
7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Yoga For Body

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise. It has specific postures that help our body lose those extra kilos. One must also follow a proper diet plan to support all the poses and body movements and bring them to effect appropriately.

While yoga allows our body to stretch and move to burn fat, a healthy diet plan for weight loss catalyses the process by providing the proper nutrition and energy to endure the process. This article has covered the best diet plan for weight loss to help you with your health regime journey.

The ‘Yoga Diet’: The Right Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Yoga is considered a slow but permanent process for weight loss. However, when maintaining healthy diet plans, the process can indeed be elevated when maintaining healthy diet plans. A diet plan by General Motors Corporation has come up with a 7 days diet plan for weight loss.

This plan includes a 7 days diet plan with a different diet list for each day. The general instruction for this diet is to curb any processed food or fast food and include 10-12v glasses of water each day. Hence, here is the list of your 7- days diet plan for weight loss.

Day 1:

Breakfast: one bowl of kiwi/watermelon/apple. You must take only one of the mentioned fruits.

Lunch: One bowl of Papaya or a Muskmelon

Evening Snacks: include a glass of coconut water. This single fluid is known to keep you hydrated and energised.

Dinner: Have a bowl of any citrus food or a bowl of berries. This would help you have a good night’s sleep with an increased metabolism rate. Another critical point for this diet plan is to avoid dressing on your salad.

Day 2 Breakfast: A bowl of potatoes or corn kernels. This would ingest some necessary starch in your body.

Lunch: Include a refreshing bowl of vegetable soup. Take a single vegetable for your soup and use fewer spices and salt.

Evening snacks: citrus fruit such as cherry tomatoes would be just fine! Dinner: A bowl of broccoli and cucumber. Carrots can also be added.

Since this day is all about consuming vegetables, you can boil them or stir fry them using olive oil and your favourite seasoning. However, a word of caution is to limit your starch consumption only to breakfast.

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Day 3 Breakfast: One bowl of watermelon/ apple or a half portion of a pineapple.

Lunch: Have a refreshing bowl of cabbage soup.

Evening snacks: Include some cherry tomatoes.

Dinner: Have a bowl of boiled vegetables such as broccoli and some cucumber.

On day 3, you must avoid bananas as they are included in day 4. Bananas are known to help gain weight. However, having bananas alternately helps in building healthy muscles.

Day 4 Breakfast: Have bananas and milk. With 750 ml milk, have two bananas to help you stay energised for the day.

Lunch: Have bananas and milk as mentioned for breakfast.

Evening snacks: Prepare a bowl of cabbage soup.

Dinner: Have a refreshing glass of water to enhance your metabolism after a heavy meal.

Some valuable instructions for this diet are

  • Use skimmed milk
  • Consume soy milk instead of regular milk
  • Do not put starch into any food

Day 5 This day includes consuming meat, and for those who do not consume meat, the substitutes are cottage cheese and tofu. Breakfast: Start your day by consuming whole tomatoes (3 nos.)

Lunch: Choose a protein (meat/tofu/cottage cheese) and tweak it with tomatoes.

Evening snacks: Skip evening snacks for the day to enhance the digestion process.

Dinner: After the heavy protein session, have a bowl of tomato soup for dinner and call it a day.

You can choose meat for this day’s diet, such as fish, beef, chicken, or eggs. Day 5 is one of the heaviest days in this healthy diet plan. This indicates that the workout for day five must be intense too.

Day 6 The second last day fro your diet is planned so that it would help you feel light and active for the whole day.

Breakfast: Start the day with a bowl of sprouts or just some cucumber.

Lunch: Have 250 grams of protein of your choice. If you love meat, do include that, and if you’re a vegetarian, you know the drill! Keeping the evening snack at bay, for day 6, we would jump directly to dinner.

Dinner: For dinner, have a warm and refreshing bowl of cabbage soup to keep the “heavy feeling” aside.

Day 7 The last day of this 7 days diet plan for weight loss includes fluid intake.

Breakfast: Prepare a bowl of watermelon to hydrate your body evenly.

Lunch: The luncheon would include a small cup of brown rice with cottage cheese. Side it with a glass of fresh fruit juice. Keep the evening snack at bay.

Dinner: For dinner, the menu would be the same as lunch but with vegetables instead of tofu

Avoid any sort of sweetener to your juices.

This extensive meal plan for weight loss is for those who practice yoga as their basic fitness regime. Since yoga shows slow and steady weight loss effects, having a light yet balanced meal helps elevate the metabolism. This boosts the calorie burn in your body, and hence the food digests faster.

The weight loss diet plan for women and men might only differ in calories. As different bodies function differently, calorie intake determines their overall energy levels. It is often heard that weight loss diet plan for women is always different, which, however, is not valid. While the ingredients remain the same for everyone, the calorie count is what one should be aware of. One must always consume less than their overall maintenance calorie.

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Weight Loss Foods

If you want to shed weight, you must pay attention to what you eat. To attain your goals, you must eat foods low in calories and high in nutrients. For improved weight management and less obesity, you must include the following foods in your 7-day diet plan for weight loss.

1. Green-leafy vegetables 2. Eggs/meat/soya (anything that has good fat/protein) 3. Nuts 4. Fruits 5. Soups

Food to Avoid in your 7-day diet plan for weight loss

Unnecessary weight gain can be caused by eating particular foods. It would be best to avoid meals rich in calories and detrimental to your health. These are the foods you must dodge in your 7-day diet plan for weight loss if you want to lose weight.

1. Sweetened Drinks 2. Junk Food 3. Alcohol 4. Processed foods 5. Candies and chocolate

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Joining a gym to lose weight is not the only option around. The diet plan mentioned above with a few body exercises would do wonders.

There are various ways to prep for your weight loss meal. One such diet plan is mentioned above.

It’s not about how many times you eat, but the quantity each time you eat. Hence you may break your meals into 3 times a day or 6 times a day, and the portions must be mindful.

Losing weight is a slow process, but the 7-day diet plan we described here is more effective.

Along with the diet plan we have described here, you can include lukewarm lemon water and zero-calorie fluids. This could do wonders in just a month.

A much followed “water-diet” is in trend. You may observe that but with caution. Do not forget to consult your coach regarding this.

Cut down your calories and keep a watch on what you eat. Also, body movement at all times is necessary.

Weigh your food, count your calories, and follow a proper mealtime. Set a biological clock for your body and be consistent.