A story of sweat and success


N. Divya

November 09, 2020

Weight Loss
A story of sweat and success

Transformation stories are close to our hearts, the various forms of yoga at Sarva’s studios deliver astonishing results. Modern-day yoga courses in India feature, Yoga for weight loss, power yoga and other types of Yoga. Sarva integrates over 25 forms of Yoga which are beneficial on your fitness and weight loss journey.

Pooja Jain, a happy and satisfied client of our studio shares her transformation journey with us. Getting up and personal with the sweat shed and tear-stained cheeks, she feels truly transformed, lighter and refreshed with a new perspective towards life.

For Pooja it was not about the extra pounds or the lack of confidence, it was about loving her body and giving it the best that it deserved. She challenged herself to become fitter, brisker, sweat out the toxins and overall adopt a healthier lifestyle. Shedding extra weight was a welcome perk that came along the way. She went from 90 kgs to 65 kgs after starting her Yoga journey with us.

To quote her, she said, Yoga sessions with Sarva was a form of self-care which put her on the journey of loving herself more, learning her worth, not settling for less than the best. Pooja is in a much happier and more empowered space.

Thank you for trusting us!

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