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A story of sweat and success

N. Divya
November 09, 2020
Weight Loss
A story of sweat and success

One of the year's most inspiring weight loss stories. Losing weight might be difficult. These Incredible Weight Loss Transformations Will Inspire You. Read now.

Here is one of Sarva’s most inspiring weight loss stories. Losing weight might be difficult. These Incredible Weight Loss Transformations Will Inspire You. Read now.

Transformation and weight loss stories are very close to our hearts, the various forms of yoga that Sarva offers are capable of delivering astonishing results. Modern-day yoga courses in India feature limited forms of yoga and can ultimately make the practitioner lose interest or get bored.. Sarva integrates over 25 forms of Yoga which are beneficial to your fitness and weight loss journey

Pooja Jain, a happy and satisfied client of Sarva shares her transformation journey with us. This amazing, hardworking, inspiring person put herself through the grind and pushed herself everyday to get where she wanted to be. Now she feels truly transformed, lighter and refreshed with a new perspective towards life.

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For Pooja it was not about the extra pounds or the lack of confidence, it was about loving her body and giving it the best that it deserved. She challenged herself to become fitter, brisker, sweat out the toxins and overall adopt a healthier lifestyle. Shedding extra weight and turning it into a weight loss success story was a welcome perk that came along the way. She went from 90 kgs to 65 kgs after starting her Yoga journey with us.

To quote her, she said, Yoga sessions with Sarva was a form of self-care which put her on the journey of loving herself more, learning her worth, not settling for less than the best. Pooja is in a much happier and more empowered space. Thank you for trusting us!

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Like Pooja, you can also experience the benefits, both mental and physical that Sarva can offer. The 25 forms of yoga that Sarva offers can help you achieve your goal, whatever it is.

How can yoga help you with weight loss?

Yoga for weight loss has fast become a very popular form of exercise. There are several forms of yoga for weight loss to choose from. Yoga works differently on the body than gym, running and weight training. It gives several benefits that help with weight loss while also making it sustainable and healthy.

Some of the ways yoga helps with weight loss:

Increases flexibility: Your body’s core strength is built and balanced with flexibility through yoga, unlike gyms, which builds your strength at the cost of flexibility. Better flexibility in the long run helps you perform the rest of your exercises better and helps avoid pain and injuries.

Burn more calories

Relaxation methods of yoga promote better circulation of blood. Increased levels of oxygen correspond to better functioning of body cells. Therefore, an overall increased blood circulation fastens metabolism, thus shedding more calories.

Mindful eating

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, yoga works as a complete mind-body workout involving deep breathing exercises and meditation which is known to reduce stress therefore directly regulating your food habits thus targeting obesity for you.

Better digestion

Easy digestion is associated with higher energy levels, better absorption of nutrition thereby increasing metabolism and burning more calories.

Hormonal balance

Studies have shown that daily yoga can restore your body’s hormonal balance thereby normalising weight. Muscle growth and increased strength Yoga includes several postures and practices that aid in muscle growth and toning.

Forms of yoga that help with weight loss

There are several forms of yoga that aid the weight loss process. Hot yoga and Bikram yoga can help you lose weight quicker as it stimulates the metabolic system, increasing heart rate and thus burning more calories. Apart from the above mentioned, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga and even hatha yoga can help you lose weight overall while also keeping holistic health in mind.

Sarva transformation tips

  • Find your inner strength and sign up for a self-care yoga class
  • Decide what your goal is and give yourself and your trainer a timeline
  • Show up on your mat everyday
  • Believe in the process
  • Love and trust yourself

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