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Manage Weight With Yoga

Basava Saunshi
August 20, 2020
Weight Loss
Manage Weight With Yoga

Yoga For Weight Loss: Manage Your Extra Body Weight With Yoga | Sarva Yoga

In the modern time a lot of challenges are hovering over health. Weight gain or obesity has become the biggest obstacle for an individual. Research suggests that obesity is the cause of multiple health disorders including heart problems, high blood pressure and more. The ancient technique of yoga which offers the solution for weight loss. Yoga poses which are simple and target oriented for weight loss. Yoga is the science of awareness and this awareness brings harmony in our holistic health goal.

Can yoga poses help weight loss?

Is the best to for the weight loss because it works on exogenous factors as well as endogenous factors. Exogenous factors include lifestyle, eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Endogenous factors include metabolic, endocrine and hypothalamic factors of weight gain. These two factors endogenous and exogenous are major factors of weight gain . Asanas balances the functioning of organs and tones our body and pranayam meditation brings harmony in our endocrine organs. This a blanket approach makes yoga a best tool for weight loss

Follow these expertly curated yoga poses for weight loss to help you lose extra body weight permanently.

Yoga for Weight Loss: 5 Best Yoga Asanas to Help You Lose Weight

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Sun salutation works on the sun nadi or sun energy channel of the body which ignites the heat and helps to dissolve the fat from body and excrete out of body. This practice brings out balance in the digestion metabolism and functioning of endocrine organs. This is best practice which help to burn down the calories and also gain strength and muscle in body. This is one of the best pose for weight loss.

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle pores is a practice which works on the dominal muscles stretching and twisting helps to dilute the abdominal fat and tones abdominal muscles. This awesome also works on the muscles of thighs and hamstring. Functioning of digestive system improves and proper assimilation and absorption of nutrients takes place in the body. Speed of weight loss in body accelerated with this practice.

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Plank Pose

Blank post is the best post which transform the core muscles. This pose reduces belly fat in efficient and target oriented manner. It also works on shoulder s back buttocks thighs our body. This is a pose which targets major areas of body where accumulation of fat takes place.

Boat Pose

Boat pose works on the core and Thai muscles of our body. It is a balancing posture so it brings mental calmness and harmony. The mental balance brings balance in management of endocrine glands and metabolism of our body improves. Boat post helps to manage extra weight of body.

Bridge pose

Bridge course is one of the best pose to have weight loss. It works on the glutes , hamstring and thyroid gland. This pose brings harmony in the functioning of thyroid gland and metabolism of body improves. Efficient metabolism of body helps to reduce weight loss.

Power yoga for weight loss.

Power yoga is composite of fast paced synchronised yoga postures with fitness workout that unite the mind and the body. Power yoga has root in the astanga yoga. This practice the state of equilibrium on mental and physical.


  • A state of tolerance and stability comes within mind and body.
  • It improves concentration.
  • Builds strength and flexibility.
  • Best practice to burn down calories.
  • Practice of power yoga stimulates release of serotonin and dopamine which are happy hormones.
  • It boots metabolism.

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