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Indulge in Diwali sweets guilt-free!

Jahnavi Patwardhan
November 11, 2020
Weight Loss
Indulge in Diwali sweets guilt-free!

The countdown to Diwali has begun and preparations are on in full swing to celebrate the festival with much enthusiasm. From home renovations and decorations to organizing Diwali parties and planning get-togethers with friends, the spirit of Diwali has brightened up our routines. This is the desert festival people eat so much desert and after eating desert or after the festival people feel guilt. But don't worry this diwali will be gilt_free_sweets diwali with Sarva yoga.

As Diwali celebrations will extend to almost a week, it is important to pay attention to what we are eating, especially calorie-laden desserts that could increase our chances of many health problems. There is no reason for us to skip eating sweets altogether, but adding a healthy twist to them will make sure we do not go through guilt-trip later on.

Diwali is one of the biggest and auspicious festivals celebrated by Hindus all around the globe. The festival of lights signifies peace and joy, the victory of good over evil, and light over darkness every day. It is one of the most symbolic Hindu festivals, and all the communities in the country celebrate it with much pomp. During this festival, people clean their homes, decorate every corner with lights, lamps, diyas, flowers, rangoli, and candles. It is Families also perform Lakshmi Puja and pray to the Goddess of wealth to bless them with health, wealth, and prosperity. This festival stay for one week. Everyone comes to their home on this festival. Because of their family love they forget about their health they eat so much sweet.

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Diwali is that time of the year when gorging on those ghee-laden desi sweets is both, a given and forgiven! But hey, just because it's Diwali time doesn’t mean those mouth watering delights are going to affect you any less. Now we aren’t asking you to give up on your sweet tooth this Diwali; we know that will be wrong on too many levels. That’s why the easiest thing to do is to choose healthier sweet alternatives will retain the festive sweetness without being too unhealthy. Here are your choices… Healthy Halwa

A healthy halwa? Sure, that sounds unreal but there are ways in which you can turn your halwa into a healthier dessert. All you need is to ditch the moong dal and do away with the cooking in ghee. Opt instead for a sweet fruit so you can cut down on the sugar or pick alternatives like rawa, sooji, doodhi or carrot so you can go with baking your halwa. Use sweeteners like orange juice, condensed milk and bake the mix in a microwave for a healthier version of the dessert. Jowar laddus

Jowar laddus might sound like an oxymoron but they make for a yummy, healthy laddu alternative. This is the guilt_free_sweets. Jowar has everything in the right proportion; it is low on sugar and cholesterol, high on fibre and calcium, rich in vitamins, iron, minerals and protein. Phew, that’s a lot of healthy! Considering all of these properties, jowar is a completely gluten-free dietary option that helps control diabetes, heart diseases, cholesterol. Roasted Chikki

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Now we are going to tell about diffrent guilt_free_sweet. We can use this in dibeties and for good digestiv system.Eliminating sugar eliminates calories to a great extent and that is precisely why chikki makes for a healthy alternative! Using jaggery in roasted nuts makes for a nutrient rich low calorie dessert that will serve as a much tastier and convenient desert. Fruit salad

Well if you need to absolutely watch your weight and keep those inches consistent, the best option is to opt for fruit based desserts or just fruits. Switching your Diwali desserts for fruits is an absolutely guilt free and healthy way to indulge. Generous servings of fruit salad with various combinations like melted chocolate or custard will still make healthier options as compared to the other sinful Diwali delights. Healthy Barfi

Barfi is that one versatile Indian sweet that we all unanimously love in one flavour or the other but truth be told, barfis are high on calories and cause more harm than you think. Precisely why you need to opt for the healthier barfi alternative this Diwali, which is the anjeer or dates barfi. Packed to the brim with irons and minerals, both dates and figs are naturally sweet and will need no added flavours, which means no sugar. The absence of sugar alone eliminates half the health hazards. 

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But after festival if you are feeling unhealthy . Then SARVA YOGA is here to help you . You can belive on us instructions about yoga class and follow the dite.

If you have type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t ever let anything sweet pass your lips again. With a bit of strategizing, there are ways you can satisfy your cravings from time to time. But you can take some juice and jagri . It good and healthy sweet.

Keep yourself hydrated

Many people misunderstand their thirst for hunger. So it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated. Again remember to avoid sugary and aerated drinks. Instead opt for fresh juices, buttermilk, coconut water and lime water, suggests Sohini. Drinking atleast 2-3 liters of water not just helps your metabolism to boost it also gives an instant glow.

A healthy vacation

Most people travel during Diwali vacation. So while you are enjoying your vacation make sure you do some form of exercises. Go for a walk on the beach or go for a swim. If the hotel has a gym use it. If you are a tourist and going sightseeing walk as much as possible. Have healthier breakfast options and opt for food with less oil. Keep your dinner light. Sandwiches and soup are also a great option.

Practice Yoga

If you feel you find it hard to eat slowly or in moderation or that you can’t help but stress about your weight – let yoga come to your rescue. Allocate some core strength asana with different type of flow with SARVA YOGA 15-20 mins for pranayama and meditation every morning and you’ll feel de-stressed, calm, less impulsive and you may notice that you’re more in control of your cravings. That’s because yoga makes us more mindful.